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Heart of Fire

The three travellers had never met each other before being captured by monsters, but they now have one thing in common: their struggle to escape from hostile lands together. A goofy overblown love story about killing orcs and letting the fire in your heart keep you strong.



Heart of Fire was scripted entirely in Ren'Py, as an entry in 2008's NaNoRenO (and no, I still don't know what it means). This was not the project I originally intended to do; a hectic work schedule meant that I didn't have enough time to finish the ambitious project I had in mind. So I whipped this up in a week. As a result, it's very short, and the combat is just a bit unbalanced.

With a burning heart, you can run this on absolutely any system you desire! Also, the system requirements are too low to even mention.

Creative Commons License

Due to heavy use of free images, samples, and music, Heart of Fire is available only under a Creative Commons license. Please see the end credits for individual details.


 Windows installer (36.9 MB)
 OS X installer (38.3 MB)
 x86 Linux tarball (36.3 MB)