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me:\nidek\n<<timedinsert 2>>probably<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>i can transform into a superpowered magical girl with ridiculous frilly outfits with just a single phrase<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 6>>pretty sure if i set my mind to it i could find a way to die purely out of embarrassment<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 8>>especially if that shit ends up on youtube\n[[WAIT|WAIT-ohno]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nfine, abandon me\n<<timedinsert 2>>GOOD NIGHT~ T_T\n[[WAIT|WAIT-goodnight]]<<endtimedinsert>>
Madison struggles against her captor, but it's in vain! Her writhing only succeeds in causing the villain's vines to violently scratch her skin even more... her unheroic crying out falls on deaf ears!\n\n[[Continue|howdiditfeel]]
me:\nunfortunately I had to stand my date up :( but my evening was pretty exciting!\n[[WAIT|WAIT-anotherjob]]
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Amy:\nam i going to hear about this on the news?\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-news]][[REPLY|REPLY2-news]]
Amy:\nwhatevs\n<<timedinsert 2>>his wikipedia article says that the hat is actually called a 'trilby'!\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-wikipedia]][[REPLY|REPLY2-wikipedia]]<<endtimedinsert>>
<<timedinsert 2>>how bad do I look D:\n[[WAIT|WAIT-camera]]<<endtimedinsert>>
<<display hotguy>>\n\n[[Continue|idk1]]
me:\nOMG STFU\n<<timedinsert 2>>it wasn't like that D: D:\n[[WAIT|WAIT-whatnext]]<<endtimedinsert>>
Amy:\nwait is it possible to literally die of shame?\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-shame]][[REPLY|REPLY2-shame]]
me:\nso he's a redditor AND a wikipedia editor\n<<timedinsert 2>>this guy just keeps getting better and better<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>maybe he's the guy who keeps setting my article's image to be that awful pantyshot?\n[[WAIT|WAIT-fine]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nsome saviour i'd be~\n<<display yay>>
me:\nidk I just like, fucking lost it\n<<timedinsert 2>>I am pinned to the wall and not really able to pay attention to anything around me but the gd perv monster<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>but instead of fighting back all i can think about is how aware of my own body i am<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 6>>like wtf right\n[[WAIT|WAIT-idgi]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nI THOUGHT he started attacking me 'cause my chest was really starting to hurt\n<<timedinsert 2>>but then I realized lol no i was just calming down and breathing more deeply<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>so every breath i took, it'd just be suddenly, LOL, BOOBS PUSHING AGAINST VINES<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<display aware>>
<<display ofc>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>fucking pervert monster has me totally immobilized here, arms pinned, vines p. much groping my tits<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 6>>like ow<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 8>>like idk he's not even actually trying to attack he's just HOLDING me there\n[[WAIT|WAIT-perv]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nyeah well thank god for the sparkles\n<<timedinsert 2>>otherwise pretty sure my transformation sequence would just be like<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<display sparkles>>
<<display perv>>
me:\nwell in that case maybe you should try being attacked by a dumb plant-themed motw\n<<timedinsert 2>>IT IS SOMETHING YOU WILL THINK ABOUT, PROMISE\n[[WAIT|WAIT-afterwards]]<<endtimedinsert>>
Amy:\nyeah ofc\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-ofc]][[REPLY|REPLY2-ofc]]
Rapidly losing the fight, Magical Maiden Madison is thrown against a brick wall, immobilized by vines crawling across her body! She can't help but let out an involuntary whimper, staring at the monster in horror!\n\n[[Continue|whathappened]]
<<timedinsert 4>>he is a fucking cheerleader, literally all he does is show up as a distraction<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 6>>you have bad taste in men amy\n[[WAIT|WAIT-badtaste]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nanyway that attack kinda brings me back to reality, a little\n<<timedinsert 2>>i start struggling and pulling to get free\n[[WAIT|WAIT-diditwork]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nomg no D:\n<<display whathappened2>>
Amy:\nanyway sorry maddy gtg\n<<timedinsert 2>>club meeting in the morning so gotta go to bed early\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-goodnight]][[REPLY|REPLY2-goodnight]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nit was just like, there was pressure EVERYWHERE\n<<timedinsert 2>>it felt like wearing a really really tight pair of tights except more stabby<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>but idk it's not about the stabby part\n[[WAIT|WAIT-aware]]<<endtimedinsert>>
Amy:\nyay~ ^.^\n<<timedinsert 2>>i would be sad if you had gotten your energy drained\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-yay]][[REPLY|REPLY2-yay]]<<endtimedinsert>>
Amy:\nD: D: D: D: D:\n<<timedinsert 2>>so what happened, then??\n[[WAIT|WAIT-motw]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nSAME\n<<display yay>>
me:\nwell then he was like all LOL, ENERGY DRAIN\n<<display afterwards>>
me:\nk, good\n<<display camera>>
Amy:\nhaters gonna hate :p\n<<timedinsert 2>>if you two aren't a thing can i have him\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-badtaste]][[REPLY|REPLY2-badtaste]]<<endtimedinsert>>
like i was just following a script, i guess?\n<<timedinsert 2>>like you know, "magical girls are supposed to squirm when they're captured, and I wanna be a good magical girl"<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>so i did *_*\n[[WAIT|WAIT-goodmagicalgirl]]<<endtimedinsert>>
like i was more worried about not reacting in a disappointing way?\n<<timedinsert 2>>um i guess kinda like, I was just really really self-conscious, and thought "well, I'm probably expected to squirm now"<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>so i did *_*\n[[WAIT|WAIT-goodmagicalgirl]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nanyway actually DYING to a motw would be like dying of shame D:\n<<timedinsert 2>>so i start struggling and pulling to get free\n[[WAIT|WAIT-diditwork]]<<endtimedinsert>>
Rampaging through the park where Madison had meant to meet a cute boy, she found herself face to face with an evil monster, with a terrifying ivy-like form!\n\n[[Continue|motw2]]
me:\nwell then he started with the whole dumb energy drain thing\n<<display afterwards>>
Amy:\nhuh, i don't know, then o_O that is weird!\n<<timedinsert 2>>anyway, so how'd you get free? did the hot guy show up and rescue you again?\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-idk]][[REPLY|REPLY2-idk]]<<endtimedinsert>>
Amy:\nso um anyway\n<<timedinsert 2>>how did you get out then\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-afterwards]][[REPLY|REPLY2-afterwards]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nwell, you know, I start off with the usual. transform, speech, immediately get hit by like three different attacks the moment i stop talking\n<<display started>>
Madison's would-be date, having heard screams, scrambles to change into the clothes he is always careful to keep in his backpack! Unbeknowst to her, he is secretly her protector... the shadowy Bright Knight!
Amy:\nnaw that makes a lot of sense to me!\n<<timedinsert 2>>you've got an image to maintain and all<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>~wouldn't want to let down your fans~\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-goodmagicalgirl]][[REPLY|REPLY2-goodmagicalgirl]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nyeah, he's at least good as a distraction\n<<timedinsert 2>>at which point i was MADDY MAX HEART DEVASTATION all up in that bitch\n[[WAIT|WAIT-yay]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nugh, ok\n<<display camera>>
me:\nugh it was the dumbest speech yet, kept blathering on about "innocent maidens"\n<<timedinsert 2>>this innocent maiden could be having HOT HOT MAKEOUTS IN THE PARK if not for these stupid monsters<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>then he shouts "now, Madison" like he always does and I'm just thinking "FUCK YOU"\n[[WAIT|WAIT-speechthing]]<<endtimedinsert>>
Amy:\nanother job for magical maiden madison?\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-anotherjob]][[REPLY|REPLY2-anotherjob]]
me:\nWHATEVS, idgaf\n<<timedinsert 2>>it's an english test who cares those are always easy\n[[WAIT|WAIT-goon]]<<endtimedinsert>>
Amy:\num\n<<timedinsert 2>>idgi<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>sorry D:\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-idgi]][[REPLY|REPLY2-idgi]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nidk maybe i should stop skipping gym class\n<<timedinsert 2>>...but, um, actually\n[[WAIT|WAIT-actually]]<<endtimedinsert>>
Amy:\nO_O;\n<<timedinsert 2>>omg i am so sorry<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>sexual peril sucks\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-perv]][[REPLY|REPLY2-perv]]<<endtimedinsert>>
<<display goodmagicalgirl>>
<<display anotherjob>>
me:\nthere is no hot guy\n<<timedinsert 2>>and he has never rescued me<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<display idk3>>
me:\nFFS HE WEARS A FEDORA INTO BATTLE\n<<timedinsert 2>>do you seriously have the hots for the redditor superhero<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>is this a thing\n[[WAIT|WAIT-redditor]]<<endtimedinsert>>
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Amy:\noh noooooooo\n<<timedinsert 2>>what is even up with your superpowers, they seem, um<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 2>>kinda weak?\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-superpowers]][[REPLY|REPLY2-superpowers]]<<endtimedinsert>>
Amy:\nbut you were at least able to get free, right?\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-getfree]][[REPLY|REPLY2-getfree]]
me:\nk\n<<timedinsert 2>>g'night~\n[[WAIT|WAIT-goodnight]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nFUCK\n<<display whathappened2>>
me:\nanother job for magical maiden madison.\n[[WAIT|WAIT-news]]
me:\nyeah, he's at least good as a distraction\n<<timedinsert 2>>i snap back into it and do the whole pirouette thing and then bam, MADDY MAX HEART DEVASTATION\n[[WAIT|WAIT-yay]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nit was like my mind was in a totally different place\n<<timedinsert 2>>like when I said idk if there were cameras it was bc I was just totes unaware of everything around me except for the monster<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>and weirdly, like, my own body<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 6>>like wtf, right\n[[WAIT|WAIT-idgi]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nyeah\n<<timedinsert 2>>threw a flower, "evil monster who blah blah blah innocent maiden blah blah blah", you know, the usual<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>"Now, Madison!" YEAH LIKE I WAS TOTES WAITING ON YOUR APPROVAL JERKFACE :|\n[[WAIT|WAIT-speechthing]]<<endtimedinsert>>
Amy:\nWAIT, I think there's pics, one just showed up on 4chan\n<<timedinsert 2>>O_O<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>holy shit maddy girl what HAPPENED\n[[WAIT|WAIT-whathappened]]<<endtimedinsert>>
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...well okay i guess it kinda was\n[[WAIT|WAIT-whatnext2]]
<<display goodmagicalgirl>>
me:\nomg u have no idea, those things keep getting in my eyes\n<<timedinsert 2>>tho i'm glad they're there, my transformation sequence has a LOT of naked bits in it, without them it'd be like<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<display sparkles>>
me:\nugh, I'm pretty sure he's also too old for both of us, im p. sure he's like 20\n<<timedinsert 2>>even if i could how the fuck would i introduce you<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>"hi this is my friend amy, she's adorable and just as much of jailbait as me~ you like that right~?"\n[[WAIT|WAIT-fine]]<<endtimedinsert>>
<<display ofc>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>like i was totally immobilized here, arms pinned, vines pressing pretty roughly into my tits<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 6>>like ow<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 8>>idk but the thing is that he didn't actually attack me while i was helpless like that\n[[WAIT|WAIT-perv]]<<endtimedinsert>>
<<timedinsert 2>>(all the monsters this season have been trying to energy drain me idk they keep saying something about 'pure heartful soul crystals' idgi im p. sure that's not real english)\n[[WAIT|WAIT-lol]]<<endtimedinsert>>
Amy:\nnini <3\n[[WAIT|WAIT-end]]
It is the year 200X. From troubled Lake City has emerged a new saviour—a hero by the name of Magical Maiden Madison.\n\n[[Continue]]
me:\ndidn't see any cameras\n<<timedinsert 2>>but i was pretty distracted at the time so idk<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>probably not though\n[[WAIT|WAIT-sparkles]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\ni don't think that's it at all\n<<display huh>>
when i was struggling, it... didn't really feel like i was afraid for my life or anything, and not just because lol motw\n[[WAIT|WAIT-howdiditfeel]]
Amy:\nkk\n<<timedinsert 2>>anyway go on keep telling me about your tentacle monster experience~\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-goon]][[REPLY|REPLY2-goon]]<<endtimedinsert>>
<<timedinsert 2>>so yeah, uh<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>kind of a weird evening, dunno what to think<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 6>>still pissed off that i missed my date though :(\n[[WAIT|WAIT-bed]]<<endtimedinsert>>
<<timedinsert 2>>so um can i get serious with you? it was a super intense experience and i wanna talk about it x.x;\n[[WAIT|WAIT-intense]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nso like\n<<timedinsert 2>>at first, um, i didn't even struggle, I just sort of... couldn't react\n[[WAIT|WAIT-question]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\ni just suddenly felt SUPER-AWARE of where every part of my own body started and ended\n<<timedinsert 2>>like normally u don't think of that sort of thing you know?\n[[WAIT|WAIT-aware]]<<endtimedinsert>>
<<display hotguy>>\n\n[[Continue|idk2]]
me:\nugh, I tried starting off with the usual. transform, speech, but then before I can even finish my sentence he interrupts with like three different attacks at once\n<<display started>>
Amy:\nlol, too many sparkles in your eyes?\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-sparkles]][[REPLY|REPLY2-sparkles]]
Amy:\nhuh\n<<timedinsert 2>>that is kinda weird, ngl<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>maybe it's just habit? like you're used to thinking about those sorts of things so you can't turn it off\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-huh]][[REPLY|REPLY2-huh]]<<endtimedinsert>>
<<timedinsert 2>>gdi why does every monster have to be a GIANT JERK :|\n[[WAIT|WAIT-rude]]<<endtimedinsert>>
Amy:\nok\n<<timedinsert 2>>that's kinda weird but i guess i get it<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>not weird in a 'my best friend is a mahou shoujo irl' kind of way<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 6>>just not really something you'd think of??\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-boobs]][[REPLY|REPLY2-boobs]]<<endtimedinsert>>
<<timedinsert 2>>it really felt like my head was in a place where i was only aware of me, and him<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>nothing else in the world\n[[WAIT|WAIT-idk]]<<endtimedinsert>>
<<timedinsert 6>>honestly idk the thing is it was kind of a nice feeling x_x like a really tight thorny hug\n[[WAIT|WAIT-boobs]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nyeah\n<<timedinsert 2>>LOL JK OF COURSE NOT <<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>IT NEVER FUCKING WORKS @_@\n[[WAIT|WAIT-superpowers]]<<endtimedinsert>>
Amy: \nhiiiiiiii so how did the date go?<html><div id="first-reply1">me:<br />my evening was pretty exciting!</div><div id="first-reply2">me:<br />um, pretty bad</div></html>\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-date]][[REPLY|REPLY2-date]]
me:\nthen at some point my breathing calmed down so i was like taking really deep breaths, and\n<<timedinsert 2>>with each breath<<endtimedinsert>> \n<<timedinsert 4>>i couldn't finish without my chest going out too much then LOL BOOBS SUDDENLY PUSHING AGAINST VINES<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<display aware>>
me:\noh, you know, motw\n<<display motw>>
me:\nomg i hope not\n<<timedinsert 2>>didn't see any cameras but if that shit ends up on youtube i will literally die of shame\n[[WAIT|WAIT-shame]]<<endtimedinsert>>
Our noble heroine puts down her phone; sleep won't come as easily to poor Madison after an evening like that! She pours herself a bath, and tries to unwind, tries to relax. She tries to fantasize about the boy she left waiting in the park...\n\nHer heart pounding, she is unable to focus—poor Madison's mind keeps wandering to other, more alarming images. She sighs... and goes along with them.\n\nEND
me:\nNO\n<<timedinsert 2>>IT NEVER WORKS T_T\n[[WAIT|WAIT-superpowers]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nlike i said it was pretty intense\n<<timedinsert 2>>i couldn't NOT think of it, you know\n[[WAIT|WAIT-afterwards]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nREAL TALK\n<<timedinsert 2>>I bet a male hero wouldn't get overpowered by a bunch of dumb vines, they always get useful superpowers, none of this PURE HEART MAGIC bullshit<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>...but, um, actually\n[[WAIT|WAIT-actually]]<<endtimedinsert>>
<<timedinsert 2>>ugh, i WANTED to spend my night making out with a cutie, not dealing with monsters\n[[WAIT|WAIT-sadface]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nlike i was... idk, it's confusing\n[[WAIT|WAIT-howdiditfeel2]]
Amy:\nuh don't worry about it, it's clearly a cell phone camera shot, you can barely see anything\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-camera]][[REPLY|REPLY2-camera]]
Amy:\nMAJOR SADFACE T_T\n<<timedinsert 2>>cuties are way better than monsters! so what happened\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-started]][[REPLY|REPLY2-started]]<<endtimedinsert>>
<<display perv>>
<<display anotherjob>>
Amy:\nlol\n<<timedinsert 2>>fine, fine, i get it<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>so i guess he did the whole speech thing?\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-speechthing]][[REPLY|REPLY2-speechthing]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nidk maybe\n<<display huh>>
me:\nit wasn't like that T_T\n[[WAIT|WAIT-whatnext]]
me:\nthe weirdest experience with an motw yet\n<<display motw>>
me:\namychan, i spent all of last night saving the city with my magical frilly outfit-based superpowers\n<<timedinsert 2>>anything is possible if you believe in it<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>totes don't see why dying of shame would be any different<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 6>>especially if that shit ends up on youtube\n[[WAIT|WAIT-ohno]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\num, pretty bad. like it didn't end up happening and you probably guess why\n[[WAIT|WAIT-anotherjob]]
Amy:\nwait speaking of english\n<<timedinsert 2>>we have a test tomorrow, right?\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-english]][[REPLY|REPLY2-english]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nhey u around?\n[[WAIT|WAIT-Amy]]
me:\n[citation needed]\n[[WAIT|WAIT-fine]]
<<timedinsert 4>>"lol, boobs everywhere"<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 6>>this magical girl stuff is all weird to me but i am p. happy with everyone focusing on the frilly outfit part and not the sparkly naked transformation part\n[[WAIT|WAIT-ohno]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\n<html>>_>;</html>\n<<timedinsert 2>>well like that makes sense but<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4>>i didn't see the camera, remember? i thought i was alone\n[[WAIT|WAIT-huh]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nso he's got all these vines right \n<<timedinsert 2>>he has me up against the wall, totally up in the air, pinned<<endtimedinsert>>
Amy:\no_O\n<<timedinsert 2>>so... how did it feel, then?\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-howdiditfeel]][[REPLY|REPLY2-howdiditfeel]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nlike i was... idk, it's confusing\n[[WAIT|WAIT-howdiditfeel1]]
kinky O_O;\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-whathappened]][[REPLY|REPLY2-whathappened]]
Amy:\nso did it work? were you able to break free? :O\n[[REPLY|REPLY1-diditwork]][[REPLY|REPLY2-diditwork]]
me:\n┐(´ー`)┌\n<<timedinsert 2>>it's just english, who cares, super easy\n[[WAIT|WAIT-goon]]<<endtimedinsert>>
me:\nwtf\n<<timedinsert 2>>HE HAS NOT ONCE RESCUED ME<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<display idk3>>